website-author_image.jpgA Little Bit about Me
I’m from Croatia, I love explaining stuff, I have little to no shame, I pray to my spirit guide Vespir every night before bed, I can’t walk in flat shoes, I have hairy gorilla arms, and my most non-generic childhood dream is to be interviewed about my writing and stories.

What I Do and Why I Do It
I like to write hot, yet ghoulishly eerie romantic fantasy novels, and I host a podcast where I talk about my books in great detail, as well as give some writing and publishing advice—depending on the questions I’ve been asked.

I’ve spent ten years of my life trying to run away from writing, and find joy in professions that are more or less universally deemed “better,” “safer,” and “more realistic.” Sadly, by the time I was starting my sophomore year in college, I realized that writing was something I’d never be able to escape from. I’m addicted to the feeling of imagining my characters in epic music video montages, and then forming stories around them. When you hit that idea high, and your heart starts thumping like you’re gonna orgasm, except you’re not horny—that’s what drives me to write. I want to give people that feeling. I want them to experience that excitement, that happiness that I feel when I imagine the characters and scenes from my books. I want to earn money with my writing so I can write even more novels, pay for cover designs and editors, and commission artists to draw my characters. Oh, and I wanna be asked questions about my stories. I love talking. A lot.

My point is, I’ve been chosen to become a storyteller, and if that’s the case, then I intend to bring joy and wonder to people by the thousands!