A Little Bit about Me

website-long_author_image.jpgI’m the token eccentric European who is often mistaken for choosing not to shave her incredibly hairy arms despite her parents asking her to, but in reality, was born to a mating pair of gorillas and switched at birth with a human child. I write erotica with lots of hot monster dudes, and my pastimes include watching cartoons and anime, playing video games, meditating, and reading other people’s monster erotica books in hot baths.

What I Do and Why I Do It

I have a chronic condition that entails a vivid imagination filled with lots of over-sexualized half man half animal guys getting involved in sultry misadventures with pretty ladies. When the ideas fester into concepts so awesomemazing I can’t contain them inside my brain without fear of combustion, I release them into the safety of my computer screen. I then publish them as ebooks for people around the world to enjoy!

Fun Facts about Me
  1. I love to touch stuff.
  2. I love scalies.
  3. I like to wear pretty dresses.
  4. I love talking, and explaining shit.
  5. I swear a lot.
  6. My favorite color is #E53042.