website-long_author_image.jpgA little bit about me…

I’m just your average anthropomorphism connoisseur with an overpriced computer, a healthy libido, hairy gorilla arms, an abnormally thick corpus callosum, and childlike wonder. My pastimes include watching cartoons and anime with my husband, playing visual-novel-type video games, and browsing through Bad Dragon’s e-store.

What I do and why I do It…

I have a chronic condition that entails a vivid imagination filled with lots of oversexualized monsters getting involved in magical and sultry misadventures. When the ideas fester into concepts so awesomemazing I can’t contain them inside my brain without fear of combustion, I release them into the safety of my computer screen. I then publish them as books for people around the world to enjoy!

Fun facts about me…

  1. I love scalies.
  2. I love to touch stuff.
  3. I love talking and explaining things.
  4. My favorite color is #E53042.