website-author_image.jpgA Little Bit about Me
I’m the token eccentric European who is often mistaken for choosing not to shave, but in reality, was born to a mating pair of gorillas and switched at birth with a human child. I write speculative romance novels, but with monsters as male leads and my pastimes include watching cartoons and anime, playing video games, meditating, and reading monster erotica books in hot baths.

What I Do and Why I Do It
I indulge in my mind’s reveries and write them down, trying to pose them as respectable literature despite the fact that they read more like very artsy porn.

My books are governed by my personal wishes, not the integrity of the plot. They are stories I’ve always wanted to read. Events that have played out in my head, aroused my senses and filled my chest with smothering heat. They’re unearthed crystals devoid of symmetry and justifiable purpose, eerily captivating as they are misshapen. Crude, unrefined, bare fruits grown from soil drenched in hedonism and soaked in the rays of Father’s unrestrained love.

Pressured by the waking world and heated by unsatiable desires, my mind is a mine of quartz clusters, as malformed and dirty as they are, that hurt more the larger they grow. They itch to be broken off, as new ones beneath them constantly try to push their way to the surface. For me, writing books is a physical need. One I’ve failed to ignore far too many times.