Beta Reading

So, you wanna be my beta reader? Awesome!

Please read the instructions and terms below, then send me an email if you agree with them. You can find detailed instructions on how to contact me at the end of this page.


  1. After you’ve signed up, I will contact you via email if you’ve been selected to be my beta reader.
  2. When I am in need of beta reading, you will receive an email with the manuscript and critique form attached, and a due date by which you must fill out and send me the critique form.
  3. You must read my work, fill out the critique form, and then send it back to me via email.
  4. I will later send you one final email to indicate the end of the beta reading process. You must then remove the manuscript from your reading devices and online file storage providers.

Terms and Conditions

  1. You have read the instructions stated above.
  2. You will contact me accordingly should unexpected circumstances arise and you feel you will not be able to send me the critique on time.
  3. You will send me your critique via email before the due date and not post it anywhere else.
  4. You will be completely open and honest in your critique.
  5. You will provide constructive criticism.
  6. You will not provide subjective/informal opinions and comments (e.g. “This is so dumb!”) unless they are followed by an explanation of said opinions and comments.
  7. You will provide as many details as you can, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem.
  8. You will provide chapter and/or page numbers for each criticism if applicable.
  9. You will delete the manuscript file from all of your devices and online file storage providers after the beta reading process is finished.
  10. I reserve the right to take you off my beta reader list without notice at any time and not send you further manuscripts for critique.

What now?

Send me an email at klara@klararaskaj.com. Your subject should be “Beta Reading Request.” In the body, write about why you want to be my beta reader and what you think makes you a good beta reader.