I’m in absolute love with these. . . . This series has given me a book boyfriend harem.

★★★★★ PinkieIsShy

They may not be human, but their hearts beat all the same.

Four erotic novellas featuring famous movie monsters: the mummy, Krampus, the vampire, and the alien.


The mummy has risen from the dead to be united with his star-crossed love, Krampus faces his childhood crush after ten years and seeks to punish her for making him suffer, the vampire’s obsession with his favorite Hollywood actress drives him to madness and bloodlust, and the alien is finally given a mate after having been kept prisoner in a cage like an animal.

True love is guaranteed, but the path is riddled with danger and unquenchable lust. Appearances are not deceiving here. The devious grins, the hungry gazes… The intent is crystal clear.

Novellas included:

  • Heart of Sand
  • Heart of Ice
  • Heart of Luster
  • Heart of Void

Pure, undiluted dark romance monster erotica novella box set!

I’m in absolute love with these. All are perfectly balanced with chemistry to spare. This series has given me a book boyfriend harem.

★★★★★ PinkieIsShy

Four beastly books in a box. That means four different flavors of fantastic: a vampire, a revived mummy, an alien, and Krampus. That's right, Krampus. He's a mythological creature who wants love just like the vampire, revived mummy, and alien do. I've read all these stories before as their individual incarnations. They all rocked my world. My favorite, if I have to choose one, is Heart of Void because it's funny. . . . Klara Raškaj writes fantastic novellas with all the world-building, character development, and action of full-length novels. Five stars for each story.

★★★★★ Danyelle

Lose yourself in a collection of four page-turning novellas by Klara Raškaj. Mummies, wildlings, vampires, and aliens come alive in these pages where different worlds crash, bringing each of the four books' heroines together with otherworldly creatures in steamy plots with elements of power exchange. This box set will enchant you from the very first page of each book, keeping you flipping the pages to get to each heroine's happily ever after!

★★★★★ Marzimarzo