Storyteller • Narrative Designer • Creative Writer • Game Designer • Fiction Author


Fiction Author (September 2012 – August 2020)
  • Written and published several books with a 4.5-star-rating average on
  • Conducting social media and email marketing.
Content Production Intern (6 Months)
  • Co-created the Raising My Beloved visual novel.
  • Increased microtransaction conversion rate within a visual novel.
  • Edited several visual novels.
  • Communicated with other writers and made suggestions on how to improve their visual novels.


Master of Science
Rochester Institute of Technology

Service Leadership and Innovation • June 2021, 4.0/4.0 GPA

Bachelor of Science
RIT Croatia

Information Technology • June 2019, 3.1/4.0 GPA



Storytelling • Creative Writing • Copywriting • Editing • Copyediting • Scrivener 3

Video Games

Narrative Design • Game Design


Illustration • Graphic Design • Adobe Photoshop • UX/UI Design


Leadership • Project Management • Design Thinking • Product and Service Innovation • Public Speaking

Digital Marketing

Email Marketing • Social Media Marketing • Online Ads • SEO Optimization

Information Technology

WordPress • Java •C# • HTML • CSS • JavaScript • PHP • jQuery • Amazon Web Services • SQL • Swift • Kotlin • Scripting


English • Cambridge English

Video Game Design • MITx, Machina

Video Game Writing • Grandpa Tiger’s Narrative Design, Machina

Other • Harvard Model United Nations


Croatian • Native Proficiency

English • CEFR C2-Level Proficiency


Klara is a very talented and hungry writer eager to make name for herself in the narrative design area. She is a focused, bright student and very diligent. As her expertise includes coding and art, I'd say she's an amazing asset to any game dev team. Of course, as one of her teachers I (not-so-secretly) wish she carries on with her writing and makes a name for herself in interactive fiction, so, don't miss out on her talents!

Ranko Trifkovic

Klara Raškaj has worked as a Content Production Intern at Nanobit d.o.o. for three months in the summers of 2017 and 2018 respectively. Her responsibilities included inserting content into our mobile game My Story: Choose Your Own Path, such as art, animation, and dialogs created by other employees, to form vidual novels within the game. During her time at Nanobit, Klara has proven to be a hard worker who always tries her hardest to complete her assignments as soon as possible. She would put great care into her work, making sure the content she was inserting into the game was up to high-grade storytelling standards while still keeping the cores of the stories consistent with the creators' visions. She has always done everything in her power to produce quality work. Her creativity and passion will surely be missed, but we wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors.


Klara was my student in Writing Seminar in the fall of 2016, where she scored a straight A (100%). She, understandably, completed all of her assignments on time and, because of her level of engaged participation, contributed significantly to class dynamics. Apart from being dedicated and having a genuine love of writing, Klara is a creative individual who is able to readily participate in discussions on a variety of topics. Finally, she has proved to be of great assistance to less proficient students.

Jakob Patekar, Ph.D.