Very professional, punctual, and talented writer truly interested in the interactive story genre.

Marino Ban • CEO of MB Plus and Media Bit
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Work Done

  • Created and outlined the interactive stories Animals and Devil’s Assistant.

About the Game

Do you like to read sensual romance stories and watch romantic TV shows? Do you like drama and suspense? If so, Love Fever stories is the game for you! It’s an interactive game, full of exciting books, chapters and characters, where you get to decide your fate and your path. Wear beautiful outfits, choose unique hairstyles and make hard choices – unravel secrets & fall in love.


  • Show off your style – wear beautiful outfits
  • Customize your look & hairstyle that reflects your personality
  • Navigate through episodes of drama and make hard choices
  • Say YES! to love and fun

The Promotion – You just got a promotion. Your handsome billionaire boss wants you to help him uncover the betrayal of his ex-girlfriend. Will you fall for him? At the same time, what will your current love interest and gorgeous co-worker think about you getting close with your boss? Who will you choose – billionaire boss or co-worker?

Best Friend’s Brother – You’ve known Damian your whole life. You’ve always liked him, but he was off-limits because his sister is your best friend. What happens when you both meet at your BFF’s New Year’s Eve party? Will you hook up with him. Will you two end up together? How will your best friend react. Read the story and find out!

Scratch That – You’re late for work. You work at a diner and you hate that job, especially your boss who doesn’t appreciate you. On your way there, you scratch an expensive car, but decide not to leave a note. What will happen once the owner finds you. What will happen once you see the car owner is a drop-dead gorgeous young millionaire and owner of a nightclub and he wants you to start working for him. Will you fall for him or your new handsome co-worker?

There’s more inside and we’re working on exciting new titles that will fulfil your life!

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