I’m in absolute love with these. . . . This series has given me a book boyfriend harem.

★★★★★ PinkieIsShy

They may not be human, but their hearts beat all the same.

Four erotic novellas featuring famous movie monsters: the mummy, Krampus, the vampire, and the alien.


Heart of Sand

A Monster Erotica Novella

Sarah Khateb, a promising young Egyptology major at Sandersonia University in England, hits the jackpot when the school’s mummy exhibit comes to life one night, and because of the pharaoh’s profound interest in her, she is tasked with serving as his guide while interviewing him about his life in ancient Egypt.

However, Mesehradabet did not sacrifice his own eye and spend three thousand years as a corpse just so he could return to the world of the living to discuss history. As was promised to him, he met his destined love upon his reawakening, and the last thing he desires is to sit around and chat. Unfortunately, even after he is made flesh once more, his disfigurement remains eldritch and as far derived from human as it can get. Will Sarah be able to look past his monstrous appearance and show him what kindness feels like?

Heart of Ice

A Bully Monster Erotica Novella

After centuries of slow-burning resentment, the nomadic goat people Khazarassi and the humans have all but broken out into war, and the festivities at the king’s castle are their desperate attempt to keep the peace between them. Sadly, the insolent behavior of the Khazarassi leader’s son, Krampus, is not helping in the least. The moment he arrives, he openly insults Princess Geli without any provocation.

Geli has no recollection of ever having met Krampus, but he seems to hold a deeply rooted grudge against her. Regardless, she isn’t about to let him get away with the way he’s treated her. Now, she seeks to find a way to get back at him for humiliating her in front of the entire castle without risking open conflict. If he despises her so much, killing him with kindness, or rather love and affection, should be the worst possible punishment for him…shouldn’t it?

Heart of Luster

A Dark Monster Erotica Novella

While working on her latest all-vampire-cast movie, Justine meets arguably her biggest fan, a strange but sweet servant named Moria. However, after sharing a passionate night together, his sudden disappearance compels her to search for him in the fortress of a dogmatic community called the Brotherhood, where he was born and raised.

Unfortunately, what she imagined it to be can’t compare to the horrors that lay within: solitary confinement cells, torture chambers… After finding out Moria returned to that wretched place of his own volition for her sake, Justine is even more determined to save him no matter the cost to her body. But with Moria’s harrowing childhood and abominable nature revealed, perhaps the more important question is: Who will save her?

Heart of Void

A Monster Erotica Novella

Maya finds herself imprisoned on a spaceship for the purpose of breeding with a feral yet hyperintelligent alien creature so that she may give birth to his brood, thus preserving his genetic code that a group of independent scientists desperately wish to exploit. But their plans go awry when Six-Two-Six escapes the confines of his cage and reverts to his conscious, humanoid state of mind, thirsting for revenge.

He spares Maya and makes her his broodmaiden as part of his plan to conquer the galaxy with an army of his children at his command. The task now falls onto Maya to either escape or try to convince Six-Two-Six to change his mind. But no matter what she chooses to do, she needs to do it fast because she only has forty-eight hours before she gives birth to a whole clutch of alien eggs.

A pure, undiluted monster erotica novella box set!

I’m in absolute love with these. All are perfectly balanced with chemistry to spare. This series has given me a book boyfriend harem.

★★★★★ PinkieIsShy

Four beastly books in a box. That means four different flavors of fantastic: a vampire, a revived mummy, an alien, and Krampus. That's right, Krampus. He's a mythological creature who wants love just like the vampire, revived mummy, and alien do. I've read all these stories before as their individual incarnations. They all rocked my world. My favorite, if I have to choose one, is Heart of Void because it's funny. . . . Klara Raškaj writes fantastic novellas with all the world-building, character development, and action of full-length novels. Five stars for each story.

★★★★★ Danyelle

Lose yourself in a collection of four page-turning novellas by Klara Raškaj. Mummies, wildlings, vampires, and aliens come alive in these pages where different worlds crash, bringing each of the four books' heroines together with otherworldly creatures in steamy plots with elements of power exchange. This box set will enchant you from the very first page of each book, keeping you flipping the pages to get to each heroine's happily ever after!

★★★★★ Marzimarzo