Who Am I?

Klara Raškaj is my name and creating unforgettable narratives is my game (pun very much intended). I am an ambitious game writer and narrative designer with a plethora of creative and technical skills to boot. When I’m not devouring interactive stories on my phone, I’m reading books on writing in LUSH-filled bubble baths.

Creative Writing

10+ years of experience.
A star rating average of 4.5 for self-published ebooks on Amazon.
A 16K-word novella written in grade school.
Two 120K-word novels written in high school.
Two 80K-word novels and four 20K-word novellas written in college.

Copywriting & Content Writing

700+ newsletter subscribers.
57% open rate average.
22% CTR average.
96% blog post SEO rating average.

Game Design

Designed an interactive story F2P mobile game.
Created interactive story concepts and their outlines.
Developed and improved the monetization system and gameplay.
Optimized player retention rates and in-app purchase conversion rates.

Writing Samples

Explore samples of various types of content and copy I'm able to deliver—from prose and scripts to blurbs and product copy!

My Latest Work

Irresistible Plots & Characters

Good interactive story writers can devise well-structured plots and complex characters that leave players itching to read the next chapter.

Engagement & Interactivity

Skilled interactive story writers know how to utilize the players' ability to choose their own paths and characters' reactions to maximize immersion.

Enticing Paid Choices

The most masterful interactive story writers are able to craft alluring paid choices that players don't think twice about purchasing.

I think Klara Raškaj is a tormented genius.

★★★★★ Danyelle

A wonderfully gifted young writer. I will be looking for more from Klara.

★★★★★ Sue Philips

Klara Raškaj is one of the most imaginative writers I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading.

★★★★★ Thomas

I would recommend Klara's tales to anyone who loves a good story.

★★★★★ Tamika

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