Story is the difference between a good game and a great game.

Gameplay is important, but it alone can’t make a game truly resonate with its players. What most of them don’t know how to explain and will fail at telling you is that they need a strong story carefully integrated into the gameplay in order to have an experience to remember…

…which is why you need a skilled and creative narrative designer!

Salutations! Klara Raškaj is my name and creating unique and unforgettable narratives is my game. I am an ambitious storyteller, narrative designer, creative writer, and author specializing in video games and with a plethora of creative and technical skills to boot. When I’m not indulging in my learning addiction or playing romance visual novels, I’m either getting destroyed by my husband in fighting games or arguing with him about the latest anime we’re watching.

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★★★★★ Tamika
“I would recommend Klara’s books to anyone who loves a good story.”

★★★★★ Thomas
“Klara Raškaj is one of the most imaginative authors I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading.”

★★★★★ Danyelle
“I think Klara Raškaj is a tormented genius.”

★★★★★ Sue Philips
“A wonderfully gifted young author. I will be looking for more from Klara.”

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