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It isn’t safe for a young girl to walk through the woods alone.

Odette has two choices: catch her death out in the rain, or spend the night in the home of a ravenous werewolf who has little control over his animal urges. Will her beauty be enough to tame the beast inside of him?


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★★★★★ Joy (Review of Heart of Sand)
“Wow! Just finished this and I loved it!! […] I read this not knowing how long it was, but felt satisfied at the end, feeling like I really got to know the two main characters and care about them.”

★★★★★ Jeanne (Review of Heart of Ice)
“This book hooked me from the get-go! I just couldn’t put it down! I fell in love with these characters, and OMG, what a story! Just a perfect read! This is book two, and I’m loving it!”


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Klara Raškaj is an author of eerie and eldritch erotica. A sizzling romance with an otherworldly creature, a dash of bone-chilling horror, and a pinch of mystery is her not-so-secret recipe for a delectable literary treat. Her lifelong love for writing sexual tension between characters is second only to her obsession with hazelnut milk and artisan soap.