It isn’t safe for a girl to walk through the woods alone.

Odette has two choices: catch her death out in the rain, or spend the night in the home of a ravenous werewolf who has little control over his animal urges. Will her beauty be enough to tame the beast inside of him?

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Obsessive foreshadower, breaker of expectations.

★★★★★ Tamz
“What can I say but Klara is one of my new favorite authors.”

★★★★★ Danyelle
“I think Klara Raškaj is a tormented genius.”

★★★★★ Mim
“I’ll be looking for more from this author.”


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website-logo.png website-profile:image.jpgKlara Raškaj is a fantasy romance author who occasionally indulges in writing pure, undiluted monster erotica. Though she often pushes the boundaries of genre conventions, she never fails to deliver on a unique story with a magical creature romance and some horror elements sprinkled in. In her spare time, she engages in heated fighting game matches against her husband or watches anime with him.