A new evil rises upon us. And it. Is. FABULOUS!

Meet Domino Enviedhieri. A man stripped of his heritage. His dignity. His allowance. Off into the cold, cruel world with a hard-on for retribution, and accompanied by his merry crew of dangerous scoundrels: Sublivion, the submissive powerhouse; Starabey, the unforeseen heartthrob; Ken, the mysterious foreshadower; and Bowie, the… support. Three men, one demon, one minority—on a quest to kill the guy whom Domino’s parents love more than him.

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Klara Raškaj is an indie author of hot and eldritch fantasy romance. Her passion is writing epic, steamy tales full of otherworldly creatures, fantastic lore, and tantalizing romances—all sprinkled with some bone-chilling horror and mystery. Off the clock, she indulges in meditation, video games, cartoons, anime, and too many matcha lattes.

SPANK: Odyssey

Coming June 4th, 2019

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