About Me

I Have a T-Shaped Knowledge Profile

I am a storyteller, game writer, narrative designer, game designer, illustrator, graphic designer, singer, dancer, actress, software developer, marketer, manager, and leader. However, I am by no means a Jill of all trades, but rather a T-shaped person with a mastery of writing and storytelling, and general proficiency in the rest of the aforementioned disciplines.

Even though I am not an expert developer or illustrator, for example, I have been able to use my knowledge to communicate more efficiently with those who are. I have even coached several people outside of my department who have been struggling with certain tasks on several occasions.

I Am an Innovator


Due to my T-shaped skillset, I am able to draw connections from various unrelated fields to conceive unique and creative ideas.


I constantly ask questions. Not a single day goes by when I don’t ask “stupid” questions. I question anything and everything around me, and when I do, I try to think of possible answers for those questions or seek out the people who might know them.


I often find myself focusing on the strangest details when I observe people, objects, and processes. In addition, I am incredibly curious, so, I constantly find myself trying to figure out how people and companies do certain things and why.


I am an extrovert, and I absolutely love talking shop with other people and have deep conversations on a variety of topics that help deepen and widen my knowledge.


Sometimes I can’t seem to figure out all of the answers that I’m looking for, so, I do little experiments to get tangible results to help answer my burning questions. For example, I have used my published erotic novella series in part as an experiment to learn more about the kinds of love interests and genre combinations romance and erotica readers prefer in my writing.

I Am a Lifelong Learner

I am constantly reading nonfiction books, taking online courses, and attending conferences to hone my skills or learn new ones. While other people watch cat doing cat stuff on YouTube to unwind, I watch how-to videos on the topics that interest me at the time.

I Am Hardworking

I’m not the kind of person who just wants to breeze through the day without having to be bothered to do anything. Moreover, I do not discriminate against projects based on their concepts and/or budgets. No matter the project I’m working on, I always aim to do my part to the best of my abilities.

I Am Punctual

I am the kind of person who will do their homework the very same day its assigned to them. I hate leaving everything to the last second, and I hate being late. However, sometimes I might overestimate my abilities and life might get in the way, but whenever I suspect I might not be able to meet a deadline, I always notify the involved parties as soon as possible instead of hoping they will have forgotten about the deadline, thus giving me more time to prepare the deliverables.

I Want to Make a Difference

My ultimate goal is to leave a mark on the world through what I do best and what I enjoy doing the most.  While sometimes it is ill-advised to defy certain trends, I always aim to bring fresh and novel concepts to the table no matter how big or small they may seem.

I Am Weird

I love monsters, touching stuff, and talking.