How do I pronounce your name?
Klar-ah Ráshkai.

What kind of books do you write?
Sometimes I may go outside of my comfort zone and write something different from what I’m used to, but from most of my books, you can expect a story set in a fantasy world featuring varying amounts of mystery, horror, and hot romances between a female protagonist and a monster-like hero/anti-hero. Sometimes the romances will be the main plot, and sometimes they will be the subplot(s). But even as subplots, their focus will be heavier than is usual for subplots.

Why wouldn’t I like your books?
You are definitely not going to like my books if you are easily offended, and are uncomfortable with swearing, violence, gore, and explicit sexual content.
In addition, if you’re not a fan or romance, even as a subplot, you’re definitely not going to like my books.

Can I post, or send you fanart?
Absolutely! I adore fanart! Feel free to post it on social media (be sure to tag me so I can find it), or send it to me via email! I only ask that you do not include Vespir (my spirit guide and the main character from my book His Whispers) in any type of pornography, nor as part of a romantic pairing with anyone (other than myself if you really want to draw a pair). You can draw him nude, though. I do it all the time.
Although, please keep in mind that I only share/promote fanart that is mostly in accordance with my own visions of what my characters look like. However, there are features that are more important to me than others, and sometimes my degree of caring for said features varies from character to character. Don’t be scared to ask me if you’re unsure what I would approve of if me sharing your fanart is a huge factor.
You can check my social media feeds for references. I post my own art and share fanart I like there. I hope I’ll be able to set up a gallery for my characters’ reference sheets here on my website in the future.

How can I become your beta reader?
Read the instructions on my Beta Reading page, and shoot me an email!

Do you have a Patreon account?
Yeah! I offer really neat rewards for low-cost monthly donations! You can learn more about it on my Patreon page!

I can’t find some of your books on Amazon. Where are they?
Every time I publish a new book, if you buy it within the first couple of days after launch, you’ll find a download link inside for a novella tied to the book as a bonus gift from me. After those first few days pass, you can only find these novellas on my Patreon page, and get access to them if you are a patron of a specific tier that offers the novellas as a reward.

Can you sign my print copies of your books?
Please don’t mail me your copies for me to sign. I don’t wanna have to pay for shipping to mail them back to you, nor take responsibility for your shipment in case something bad happens to it during transit. I can sign your book if you manage to bump into me at a public event, or you can try winning a signed paperback by entering a giveaway of mine.

Do you sell official merchandise?
I do! Check out my Merchandise Shop for shirts, tote bags, phone skins, and more!

Do you have a street team I can join?
Yes! You can read more about it on my Street Team page!

I’m in a book club. Do you have reading guides for your books?
Absolutely! You can download them for free on my Reading Guides page.

What are you currently working on?
Check out my schedule to find the answer to that question. You’ll also see placeholder book covers, blurbs, draft stages, publication dates, and more. The dates, however, may be subject to change, but I will most likely be working on the books in the order they are listed in the To Do and In Progress columns.

In what order should I read your books?
Here’s the order in which books related to each other should be read, from top to bottom:

SPANK: Odyssey
A Game of Flames
SPANK: Legacy
Diamond Wedding
SPANK: Climax

How the Sun Turned Black

Whip Me Tender

A Little Something

His Whispers

Maya and the Hungerer

Can I hire you as a ghostwriter?
No. I wanna work on my own book ideas.

Can you read my book and tell me if it’s good or not?
No. Sorry.

I have a specific question about writing/publication/book marketing/your books/you.
Check out my Contact page and get in touch. I’ll try to answer it in one of my future podcast episodes if I haven’t already covered that topic.

What credentials do you have?
I have a Bachelor’s degree in IT/Web & Mobile Computing, but I’ve learned about writing, editing, and book marketing through practice and online courses. I’m also a self-taught illustrator.

When did you realize you wanted to be an author?
I was always going back and forth between writing and quitting writing. I tried doing a lot of other things, but every single time, I ended up coming back to it. So, in October 2017, I finally figured out writing was something I wanted to do, and was meant to do.

Where do you get your inspiration?
By walking around or exercising on my cross-trainer while listening to music and imagining stuff.

Why are so few of your male leads just regular humans?
Because I saw an episode of Extreme Dinosaurs when I was a little girl, and it all went downhill from there.

Why do your books have so much sexual content in them?
Because I like writing about it.

Why is there so much swearing in your books?
Because real people say “fuck” when they’re angry.

Why do your stories always have a happy ending?
It’s symbolic. After every storm comes sunshine. But mostly because happy endings make me happy, and I hope they make you happy too.