How do I pronounce your name?

Klara Rashkai.

Can I post, or send you fanart?

Absolutely! I adore fanart! Feel free to post fanart on social media (be sure to tag me so I can find it), or send it to me via email! I only ask that you do not include Vespir (my spirit guide, and the main character in my book His Whispers) as part of porn or hentai. You can draw him nude though. I do that all the time.

How can I become your beta reader?

Read the instructions on my Beta Reading page, and shoot me an email!

Do you sell official merchandise?

I do! Check out the Merchandise Store for shirts, tote bags, phone skins, and more!

Do you have a street team I can join?

Yes! You can read more about it on my Street Team page!

What credentials do you have?

I have a Bachelor’s degree in IT, but I’ve learned about writing, editing, and book marketing through practice and online courses. I’m also a self-taught illustrator.

When did you realize you wanted to be an author?

I was always going back and forth with writing, and then stopping writing. I tried doing a lot of things, but every single time, I ended up coming back to it. So, in October 2017, I finally figured out this is something I wanted to do and was meant to do.

Where do you get your inspiration?

By walking around or exercising on my Orbitrek while listening to music and imagining stuff.