How do I pronounce your name?
Klar-ah Ráshkai.

Do you give out Advance Reading Copies of your books?
I do! Follow me on Booksprout to receive ARCs of my books in exchange for considering posting reviews of them on their respective release dates. However, I reserve the right to not send you future ARCs if you fail to leave a review within a reasonable timeframe after a book’s release.

Are you on Patreon?
I most certainly am! Check out my Patreon page!

What are you currently working on?
Check out my schedule to find out, and become my patron if you wanna see covers, blurbs, and other stuff related to my books even before they’re published!

In what order should I read your books?
If they’re part of a “Collection,” then they can be read in any order. If they’re part of a “Series,” they should be read in the order they are numbered.

When are you going to finish the [NAME] series?
Sometimes, I’m feeling less inspired to write the following installment of a series and more inspired to write a different book. I want all my books to be the best they can be, so I would rather just write the other book I am feeling more inspired to write at the moment than force myself to write something I’m not in the mood for. But don’t worry, I usually publish one book per month, so it shouldn’t be long before I go back to work on the rest of the series.

I have a specific question about your books/you/writing/publication/book marketing.
I try to reply to as many questions as I can either via email or on social media. Twitter is where I’m most often at, so if you wanna ask me some questions, that’s your best bet. Check my Contact page for my email address and the links to my social media accounts.
But if you make a pledge over on Patreon, you can get access to a special suggestion box in which you can post questions that I might choose to answer in depth in one of my future podcast episodes, plus access to live monthly Q&A sessions with me.