How do I pronounce your name?
Klar-ah Ráshkai.

Do you give out Advance Reading Copies of your books?
I do! Follow me on Booksprout to receive ARCs of my books in exchange for considering posting reviews of them on Amazon, and optionally on Goodreads and Bookbub. However, fair warning: You won’t be able to get future ARCs from me if you fail to leave a review of an ARC you received by the time I start sending out ARCs of my next book.

Do you offer exclusive content?
Yes! Check out my SubscribeStar page for early book and cover previews, exclusive stories, deleted scenes, character sheets, and more!

What are you currently working on?
Check out my schedule to find out, and become my subscriber if you wanna see covers, blurbs, and other stuff related to my books even before they’re published!

In what ways can I support you?
I am incredibly grateful for any and all support I can get! Book sales and SubscribeStar donations are my sole source of income, so giving me money to keep writing books for a living is certainly the best way to support me! However, if you were looking for an answer that didn’t require spending money, then the best way you can support me is to spread the word about my books to people you believe would enjoy them, and writing and posting reviews of them on Amazon. People very rarely post reviews of books they’ve read, but reviews play a huge role in whether a person will buy a book or not. They can even be just a sentence long! They don’t have to be masterpieces, but it truly does help increase sales for me the more reviews my books have on Amazon, so it would really help me a ton if you could leave reviews of my books after you’ve read them!

I have a specific question I’d like to ask you.
By all means, shoot me a message via email or social media!