Pricing & Payments

See if my rates fit your budget!
  • Wordsmith Package
  • 0.12
    per word
  • For projects with pre-made or flat-fee outlines!
    • Custom Interactive Story Scripts
    • 5,000 Words per Week
    • Pre-made Outline or Detailed Outline Add-On Required
  • Storyteller Package
  • 0.13
    per word
  • For projects with no need for outlines!
    • Original Interactive Story Scripts
    • 5,000 Words per Week
    • NO Detailed Outline Add-On Required


  • Detailed Outline 500 EUR
  • 10,000 Words per Week +0.02 EUR per word

Payment Info


I am quite flexible in terms of payment frequency as long as it doesn’t exceed me completing over 50% of my workload on a project without getting paid for it shortly after.

However, for first-time clients, I must insist I be paid 25% of the total agreed-upon amount upfront for the first project we collaborate on together.


I only accept payments via Direct Bank Transfer. Unfortunately, I am unable to accept payments via PayPal or the equivalent due to the fact that I lose more money on transfer (and conversion) fees and additional taxes, and double my paperwork.


I prefer to be paid in EUR, but I also accept USD.

Fees, Taxes, and Benefits

You have no obligation to pay for any fees, taxes, or benefits that employees with benefits would normally be entitled to, for I am a contractor.

However, as my business is operating from within the European Union, obligations related to VAT, be they paying or reporting it, might apply to you depending on several factors, such as which country you are operating from and whether or not you are a company or an individual.


Super important! Please be sure to read this part.
Writing Assessment Tests

I no longer do free assessment tests for potential clients. If you would like to see for yourself whether my skills are up to standard, please feel free to check out my writing samples and portfolio.

Corrections & Changes

If a mistake has been made on my part due to correct understanding/interpretation of the request(s) made, I will correct them ASAP at no extra charge.



  • Grammatical Errors
  • Incorrect Naming
  • Ungranted Requests

If a change is requested after the work has been completed either partially or in full, or the work has been done incorrectly due to unclear instructions, the changes in question will be charged at the same rate as the original writing.



  • Character Change Request
  • Plot Point Change Request
  • Word Count Change Request

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