7 Deadly Book Blurb Sins Whenever I’m snooping around the bookshop for a new tale to enjoy in one of my rainbow-colored bubble baths courtesy of LUSH Handmade Cosmetics, I just keep cringing at the sheer amount of cliché hooks and overbearing descriptions plaguing book blurb after book blurb. Well, no more! To give myself (and you) peace of mind, I have compiled this list of the most common book blurb mishaps, added explanations regarding what makes them harmful, and written detailed instructions on how to fix them. However, please keep in mind that this article only applies to fiction books, as non-fiction has a different set of best practices for writing book blurbs. Now, without further ado, from my biggest pet peeves to the lesser offenders, here are the seven deadly book blurb sins: 1. You Don't Want to Give Anything Away Whenever a novice author gets advice on writing book blurbs, the most common thing they hear is: “Don’t give anything away.” Unfortunately, most authors, due to their inexperience and insecurity (which is perfectly normal), take this way too literally and end up with a book blurb that says everything and nothing at the same time. You want to keep readers on their